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Bimbi e Viaggi: from personal blog to community

Bimbi e Viaggi has been online since November 2011. Born to share my passion for travel and for amateur photography during these years it has gathered a “community of travelling families“: about 30 permanent contributors and lot of other parents who love narrating and sharing their adventures with children all over the world.

Bimbi e Viaggi has now become one of the most influent travel blog in Italy, with increasing Readers and different projects concerning family tourism and territorial marketing.

I’m one of the founder of the Italian Travel Blogger Association, created to promote ethics and professionalism in travel blogger category.


We’ve activated the English section of the blog where all posts are being translated… meanwhile Google Translator can be used 😉

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maniwebBimbi e Viaggi collaborates with

  • Institutions, organizations and associations involved in the touristic promotion
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Web and communication agencies
  • Tour Operator and private companies involved in touristic industry
  • Touristic events and fair

They chose us!

Here you can find some of the brands that choose us for their online storytelling

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Bimbi e Viaggi’s numbers

  • PAGE VIEWS in 2015: 1 million (from Google Analytics)


All numbers are constantly growing.

All the details of my media kit are published in the Italian version

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