Red Sea for a weekend? Yes we can!

Michela organized a long weekend in Sharm El Sheik with her 20 month toddler! Here her tips to enjoy Red Sea with kid…

What to do if in the middle of August you find yourself with an urgent need to have a break but your holidays are planned for the month of November ? There is only one thing that can save you : taking advantage of a bank holiday and organizing a long weekend at the seaside. Destination? Sharm El Sheik!


Yes, you read right , we have experienced the Red Sea for “only” a weekend and I can say that it is an absolutely feasible option, Even if you leave with a 20 months toddler.

The package consisted in 4 days / 3 nights all inclusive accommodation at the Domina Coral Bay Elisir, one of the many hotels that blend into the Domina complex.Mar Rosso con bambino

Flight schedules were optimized to allow us to fully enjoy just few days: we took off Wednesday morning 8:00 am from Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport and we landed in Sharm at midday…at 3 pm we were already wearing our swimsuits and we enjoyed the beach all afternoon! Considering that the day before we were working and showing a grey skin color , well, a 4 hour flight are not such a big effort to deal with! The flight back home was also perfect: it was scheduled Saturday evening at 10 pm, landing in Bergamo at 2 am … Sure, a little flutter, but at least the last day we exploited at 100%..

If you are traveling with a little one and you don’t want to have excursions, I have to say that even four days may be sufficient to recharge your batteries and have a full immersion of sun & sea: the flight is not too long and this kind of accommodation allows you to move in just few minutes from the room, to the beach, to the restaurant. Minimum effort , maximum performance!

Mar Rosso con bambinoMar Rosso con bambino

Our 4 days followed an almost identical scheme, which was repeated in a loop for all the duration of the holiday : beach + beach + beach! Memi spent lots of hours enjoying the sea: he was very concentrated in looking for fishes and to swim happily just few meters from the shore. The beach turned out to be perfect for a toddler eager to test his swimming skills : not too much stones, hot water and degrading reef far away, we spent 99% of the time lying on the shore overseeing the little explorer and taking care of getting a wonderful tan in record time.Mar Rosso con bambino

No problems at all with the food : I must admit that we are quite lucky because we have a child who eats everything (including spicy foods & Co. ), but the great classics like pasta with tomato sauce , French fries and pizza were always available and all the children present ate heartily. Just to be precise : the pasta was precooked and of course all the Italian food was not exactly a delicacy but I have seen kids to eat much more than adults!Mar Rosso con bambino

So… Sharm El Sheik traveling with an under 2 for a single weekend?
You can do … book and enjoy your holiday!

Red Sea with kid for a weekend: some tips…
  • Put in your suitcase a brick of UHT milk : we didn’t use it because the restaurant supplied milk 24hours, but it’s always better to have it with you if your baby is accustomed to late-night snacks.
  • Buy rocks shoes for the toddler: often the beaches are made of sand mixed with pebbles and small children may have some difficulty to walk smoothly. We had only a pair of crocs and Memi never wanted to take them off, but they were not exactly the best solution ever because the pebbles came inside.
  • Buy a t-shirt for UV : you can find it easily in sporting goods stores and it allows you to leave the baby to soak for hours without major worries and anxieties from sunburn . They usually start from size 3-4 years but don’t be discouraged, they are so narrow that they can fit well also to kids of 18-24 months
  • Enjoy it … The time you can spend with your family is worthless, so don’t get stressed by the typical fears of parents 😉

Mar Rosso con bambino

[text and photos by Michela Toffaliuna valigia per tre]


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Mamma di Meltemi, baby-giramondo classe 2011. Sono una vera e propria travel-addicted: appena torno da un viaggio non vedo l'ora di iniziare a pianificare il successivo... e ho già in mente destinazioni per i prossimi 10 anni! L'arrivo di Memi non ha fatto altro che accrescere questa passione: io e mio marito Luca vogliamo regalargli il globo intero! Il piccoletto a 3 mesi era già in possesso di passaporto e valigia personale, pronto per il primo di una lunga serie di voli. Ora siamo partiti per un viaggio davvero unico con biglietto aereo è one-way: da gennaio 2014 viviamo ad Amsterdam. La prima di una futura serie di case in giro per il mondo ;-)


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