Bimbi e Viaggi is looking ahead!!! Work in progress… Stay tuned!!!

A brief post just to keep our fans & followers updated… Some great news are upcoming in Bimbi e Viaggi world!

In these weeks we are working so hard on many fields..


More new travel tips & tricks

Summer has just ended… and it was simply great! So many new travel tales are arriving to be published! Not only our beloved tropical overseas trips, ideal for a winter getaway where the sun always shines (Mauritius will be our next tropical island to be explored… Someone is looking forward to that!)…. So many new friends have just “jumped onboard” and we are proud to announce that our Bimbi e Viaggi group is growing! (*)

Our downloadable travel guides

Some of you may have already noticed our new useful service… Our downloadable “packing lists” & travel guides, which are perfectly printable. Some have been added long ago, like the ones about travel drugs, snow vacations and trekking.

Now, at the end of each posts concerning travel itineraries, a new downloadable & printable version is available. It can be easily saved on your desktop and printed, the version is “light” since it has no pictures. Carinthia, Plose, Switzerland and Corsica are ready, some more are upcoming. Here is how you see them:


Bologna and beyond!

I am so excited to announce that I am starting to collaborate with local tourist offices, museums and agencies to promote Bologna’s unknown beauties, festivals, fairs, cultural and culinary events… So stay tuned!

English version of Bimbi e Viaggi

This is one more, exciting news for us! Bimbi e Viaggi’s friends Francesca Dal Mas and Michela Toffali, mums and globe trotters, are in charge of helping me in this new venture. Why an English version of the blog? For two main reasons:

  • we hope that our Bimbi e Viaggi group of travelling parents will increase! Overseas parents love family travels more that Italians usually do, so new foreign friends are wanted to share more travel adventure!

  • Italy is our beautiful home country. Off the beaten path itineraries, festivals and adventures may be liked by foreign tourists, willing to go beyond world-famous spots like Venice, Florence or Rome

bimbi e viaggi lavori in corso

(Sorry for possible technical problems I’m trying to solve in the english version!)

So, a lot of plans and new exciting stuff are upcoming. Time is little as often, just a few is left after work and family needs, but our passion is huge!

I want to thank my family for all the support, my new friends who decided to join our Bimbi e Viaggi team, and many thanks to all my readers too, who give sense to all our efforts!


(*) Alessandra, Kristina, Laura, Jessica, Marzia, Marilena, Silvia, Francesca, Liliana, Elisa……. At least you now know why you are waiting…. You will be online soon!



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